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Density of Rubber

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Specific Gravity test 5g

It is one of the three rubber tests conducted in the lab by MOR industries. Following the hardness test, we perform the specific gravity test on the same button sample as before.

In general, specific gravity is defined as the weight of a substance compared to the weight of water with the same volume, temperature, and composition. This is usually expressed as the Weight Per Square Metre Per mm Thickness in the rubber industry.

Why testing Rubber?

The test is performed in order to determine the weight and structure of the components. By doing this, we can calculate the compound per meter and know-how material needed for the design of the specific rubber.

SG tests can also be used to provide a rough assessment of the physical properties of rubber. This test is crucial to evaluating many rubber products. And it is widely used in the rubber manufacturing industry.

Digital specific gravity balance at MOR Industries Lab.

Digital specific gravity balance

Elastomers, plastics, and other materials can all be measured with a digital specific gravity balance. To obtain reliable results, this test needs to be performed on a special balance, where ideal conditions are maintained.

For the test, the tested button must be taken out of the water, weighed on the balance first. Then, it is weighed again in the water with the specific gravity conditions, and we obtain a weight per meter.

Validation and certification

In MOR Industries Lab, hardness, specific gravity, and rheometer tests are conducted before moulding or extruding rubber.

MOR Industries will provide you with a Certificate Of Conformity that guarantees the rubber properties meet the appropriate specifications and regulations when you buy a rubber product.


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