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Elasticity of Rubber

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Rheometer test

Generally used by rubber manufacturers to ensure quality, consistency, repeatability and reliability of rubber compounds, the Rheometer test is specialized in rubber compounds. In the Lab, this is the third rubber test that MOR Industries conducts before it is authorized for production.

Rheometer at MOR industries

Test process

We start by putting 20 grams of raw (uncured) sample into the rheometer.

Rubber testing instruments such as moving die rheometers are used to analyze the processing and curing characteristics of rubber batches.

The rheometer measures the elasticity and deformation of the elastomer.

At this point, the rheometer machine is heated to 110 degrees centigrade while simultaneously exerting pressure on the sample for 3 minutes.

Finally, a computer report will show the torque points as well as the cure rate of the sample at the end of the test. Meanwhile, we can compare the current batch with previous batches and see the differences.

In conclusion, the report informs us that the batch "passes or fails" the rheometer test.

Validation and certification

Last but not least, the rheometer test serves as a validator of batch quality and its characteristics. Following this, we can extrude or mould rubber to order. We guarantee high-quality rubber due to our production processes.

MOR Industries ensures we manufacture an exceptional rubber product with all the specifications.

Rheometer graphic result

Mor Industries bring a Certificate of Conformity with its rubber products, supporting documents like the graphic of the curve's torque.


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