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Rubber Manufacturing Process

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We are a rubber manufacturing company in Australia, specializing in rubber extrusion and rubber and plastics mouldings. This graphic shows the 6 general steps of the production of rubber products.

Rubber Manufacturing Process

Step 1. Mixing Compounds

Rubber can only be created by weighing the best raw materials in the appropriate proportions. Mor Industries uses Wacker compounds to ensure the best quality. Mills are then used until a perfect mix is reached.

Step 2. Testing

A sample of the previous mixture is taken to the MOR lab, where it is confirmed that it has the desired characteristics.

Step 3. Rubber Extrusion or Rubber Moulding

According to what products will be produced, rubber will be injected using an injection moulding machine or extruded by an extrusion line.

Step 4. Curing

Curing is a process that involves high temperatures and is carried out slowly and continuously. The final product is then solidified by refrigeration.

Step 5. Checking

After the product is ready, its quality and characteristics are checked before shipment to the customer.

Step 6. Packaging and delivery

This is the final step, where the product is cut and packaged for delivery to the client.

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